Digital Wood Moisture Meter MD 912

৳ 3,500.00


Best-Quality Digital Wood Moisture Meter MD 912 at a Reasonable Price in Bangladesh!

Concerned about wood moisture content? Look no further than the best-quality Digital Wood Moisture Meter MD 912, your affordable gateway to precise wood measurements in Bangladesh.

Why Choose the MD 912?

  • Unmatched Accuracy: Get reliable readings every time with the advanced pin-type sensor, ensuring ±2% accuracy across a wide moisture range (4% – 80%).
  • Non-Destructive Testing: Say goodbye to damage! The pinless mode allows for quick, hassle-free measurements without leaving permanent marks.
  • Versatility Unleashed: Works on a variety of wood species, making it ideal for carpentry, woodworking, construction, firewood management, and more.
  • Clear & Easy-to-Read: The large LCD display showcases moisture content, wood species selection, and battery level for effortless understanding.
  • Built to Last: Featuring a durable design and automatic shut-off, the MD 912 is your long-lasting companion for all your wood moisture needs.

More Than Just a Meter:

  • Multiple Wood Species Settings: Choose from 15 pre-programmed wood species or enter a custom calibration for ultimate accuracy.
  • Data Hold Function: Freeze the reading on the display for convenient recording and comparison.
  • Backlight Display: Ensure clear readings even in dimly lit environments.
  • Portable & Compact: Take it anywhere! The pocket-sized design makes it easy to carry and use on the go.

Invest in the Best, Without Breaking the Bank:

The Digital Wood Moisture Meter MD 912 is the perfect blend of top-quality and affordability, making it the best choice for woodworkers, builders, and anyone who needs reliable moisture measurements in Bangladesh.

Don’t settle for less – unlock the secrets of your wood with the MD 912 today!

Wood Moisture Meter MD 912 More Features:

  • Best digital wood moisture meter Bangladesh
  • Affordable wood moisture tester
  • Pin-type moisture meter
  • Non-destructive wood testing
  • Woodworking tools Bangladesh
  • Construction moisture measurement
  • Firewood moisture management
  • Accurate wood moisture content
  • Portable moisture meter
  • Backlit LCD display


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